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The History of Focus on Freedoms – How to Make a Better You ~ Believe Dreams Do Come True!

by Nina Sabin - Healthy Tip

Here is our story of how Focus on Freedoms specializing in Health, Finance, and Life Coaching came into existence. Our story will take you through the circumstances we had to overcome, mountains we had to climb, and experiences we had to endure to have our dreams come true.

Our journey begins with William and I meeting at 17, married at 21, children at 26 and following our careers as a Financial Advisor and Teacher. William's career history was working in the corporate world as a financial advisor. His positions included being an executive with global experience assessing corporate investments, formulating corporate strategy, driving process improvement, and mitigating risk. My career background was a Special Education Teacher, Gymnastics Owner and Instructor, and Elementary PE and Music Teacher.

Life changed for us after our second daughter was born. I struggled with post-partum depression. I was such a perfectionist that I could never measure up to my expectations as a mom. I thought everything had to be just so and drove myself crazy trying to make it be that way.

As humans we don’t want to accept we have limitations. We take life too seriously and so often we spend more time criticizing ourselves rather than seeing the joys in life.

After having several bouts of depression, I didn’t want to live like that anymore, and I knew I needed to find another way to cope in life. Even though I believed in God and was a Christian, I couldn’t get passed those deep dark feelings. I just want to mention that depression is a real disease and that chemical imbalance does happen in the brain. However, you don’t have to stay in a state of depression, I am proof of that. More on that in my healthy tip blogs.

Some background info, we lived in Saudi Arabia for over 16 years. As you continue to follow us on our website you will read our blogs about our experiences overseas and how God took us on many journeys including those mountains I mentioned at the beginning of this blog. You will also be able to enjoy our vlogs of our travels after we left Saudi Arabia and moved back to the United States on our YouTube channel

Leaving Saudi Arabia, the country we called home for 16 plus years, was very hard on us. We left not only the job we had known, but our friends, and the life we had become accustomed to. We left faster than we planned and we had to learn to trust God; which included knowing He had a plan beyond our understanding. (Proverbs 3:5 -6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean not on your own understanding…)

We felt lost, like we didn’t know what was next in our lives. We were used to the norm of going to work, seeing the same friends, and going home to the same home. Now, life was turned upside down for us. We tried looking for that traditional job, but nothing was happening. Then we would ask ourselves, why do we want to go back to the norm we knew? Because it was familiar. That is when it dawned on us, that it was time for a true change, reach for our dreams, and start our new norm.

God gave us the freedoms in life to travel when we lived in Saudi (read our travel blogs about those opportunities) and after we moved back to the US through work-stay programs and volunteer opportunities (see these adventures on our vlogs). He also provided financial freedom ideas to William based on his expertise with financial planning and budgeting; as well as his investing and budgeting program. God also showed me that through my teaching career as a PE teacher, gymnastic instructor, and my own self-health journey, I had obtained great insight and wisdom that I could share with others through healthy tips.

Here is where Focus on Freedoms came into existence. After living overseas, we knew our time would eventually come to leave Saudi Arabia. As such, we started to investigate what we would do next. We had begun planning, and William had a dream about starting our own website to share our life experiences, expertise, and knowledge on how to have freedoms in others’ lives through health, finances, and travel.

By the time we left Saudi, we had the foundation of our website and was sharing information, strategies, and insights. That was the start and then about 20 months ago, Nina had the desire to want to help others overcome their struggles in life as she did with her depression, anxiety, and lack of self-assurance. God open the door for Nina to become a certified health and life coach. She now has helped clients learn how to overcome their struggles in life and move forward to becoming their healthiest and best.

As part of our business, William now leads a consulting practice focusing on wealth preservation, financial coaching, and portfolio optimization. He is also a periodic contributor for one of the world's largest equity research platforms. The goal of all of these is to help people obtain financial freedom using the best tools and proper planning.

Don’t want to wait any longer to have your dreams come true. Contact us today for a Complimentary Breakthrough Session. We can help you find out what is holding you back from your dreams of being the healthiest and BEST you. Don’t you want freedoms in your life today? Now is your time! To Make a Better You – Believe Dreams Do Come True!


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