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Sabins on the Sea - Day 9 - Sea Day #4

By Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Last night we set our clocks back another hour. We are four hours behind EST. It is amazing how the body needs time to adjust to time change. Before we were getting up around 6:30 - 7:00 am; today because of the hour change we woke up at 5:30 am, but layed around till after 6 am. 5:30 am is too early to get out of bed when you are on vacation.

When we did get up, we began our routine to the gym and then John to the sauna afterwards. Unfortunately, he no longer has the sauna to himself which he loved.

With all the food offered we definitely need to get our exercise in. Besides the gym, I walk the stairs every opportunity I get. Since our room is on the first floor and the gym is on the ninth, I get plenty of exercise.

Three more days and my stitches come out. Yeah! Then I can finally swim, use the sauna, and hot tub.

We can definitely feel the difference with the added passengers from San Diego. Longer lines to everything and more places filled up throughout the ship but still not bad.

I believe I mentioned that we decided to do the drink package. You get 15 drinks a day. John is enjoying tasting the bourbons, wines, and cognacs.

I am enjoying more of the fruity drinks and wine at dinner. They also do wine tastings for a fee, but with the package we can taste all the wines by the end of the cruise.

We are beginning to find a flow on the sea days. Just like where we live you can get super busy, but our goal on this cruise is to read, write, and find things we can do together.

Today we made leis together. I think this may be the first time John ever sewed. He seemed to enjoy himself.

There are bars on almost every floor on the ship so you can never go without a drink. That is good news, because as I mentioned earlier we are supposed to wear a mask indoors except when eating or drinking (you can’t get Covid then).

We know the masks are taking extra measures to be cautious, but I really don’t like wearing them. For me, they cause mask acne.

Lunch today was in the dining room, because the buffet at the lido deck was so busy. Funny how you run into the same people. The people we met on the first day at lunch in the dining room is who we ate with today. Lunch is open seating. It was meant to be for us to sit together.

The have offered to help us with bridge; we met up to play with them on the Gallery Bar. After getting some basics we are starting to get the hang of bridge.

Often you meet people who remind you of other people. The people we met yesterday and had dinner with them today are a good example of that.

I had to decide to miss hula dancing and ukulele lesson to play bridge. It is hard to not get to do it all, but that is something I struggle with anywhere.

Dinner was super crowded today with all the new people that came on in San Diego. It took a lot longer to get our meal. We hope things will balance out more tomorrow.

We ended the evening by watching the entertainment on the main stage. It was amazing singers and dancers doing songs from the 50s.

Another day at sea tomorrow. It will be our fifth sea day.

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