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Sabins on the Sea - Day 5 - Sea Day #2

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

What a beautiful way to wake up to the gentle rocking of the ship.

We are learning our way to get around the ship, but it truly helps that they have maps of the ship at every floor by the elevators and stairs. Another helpful item is the days of the week carpets in the elevators. It is easy to lose track of what day of the week it is when you are at sea.

Every evening we get the next day’s schedule and if we are going to a port the same paper as the schedule gives us information for that location such as weather, population, and things to do.

Today we began our day at the gym. I did a stretching class and then a shaping class. John did cardio and weights on his own and the the sauna, which is a big highlight for him. After our work out, our custom breakfast was delivered to our room. We are getting so spoiled and it has only been two and a half days on the ship.

Later in the morning we had our second bridge lesson. From there John enjoyed the hot tub while I lounged around, as I can’t go into the sauna or hot tub for another week until my stitches come out.

At noon we played Group Trivia. We had a team of six. The questions were tough; only a couple has multiple choice, the rest we had to do on their own. We did not win but we had fun. That is our motto when we play Trivia.

After that John took a nap but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to play Mahjong. Two months without Mahjong could cause withdrawals.

John has an app downloaded where we can see what other ships around near by. Even though we can't see them with our eyes, the app can show their location. It is pretty fascinating and he is enjoying finiding out what kind of ships around in the ocean.

Later in afternoon we relaxed in our favorite place the Crows Nest. Then enjoyed open seating for dinner with two lovely ladies. One of them I saw earlier in the jewlery store. I remember her because during the jewlery drawing they do duirng sea days, she was addressed as the Tanzanite lady, as she has so many of the Tanzanite jewelry on and the store staff had her model them.

We finished the evening with two types of entertainment. A Comedian on the MainStage and the Duo Piano couple in one of the bars.

Another great Sea Day. Tomorrow we reach our first port. San Francisco here we come.

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