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Sabins on the Sea - Day 27 - Suva, Viti Levi, Fiji Day 2

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

We woke up to an overcast rainy day. Therefore, we decided to have a leisurely morning of watching movies and having room service for breakfast.

In order to have room service for breakfast we have to hang our order on our door by 2 am.

We didn’t leave our cabin until around noon. Then we went to Lido deck for some lunch.

Around 1:30 pm we were finally ready to explore more of Suva, Fiji.

Suva sits on a hilly peninsula in the southeast corner of Viti Levu Island, the largest in the South Pacific. The town is backed by the lush, dark green hills of the Suva-Rewa Range; much of the waterfront is built on land reclaimed from tangled mangrove swamps.

The main attractions we viewed were the handcraft building, where we bought our souvenirs to add to our collection of masks and flags; the Parliament building, the Grand Palace Hotel, where we took pictures; and the Thurston Gardens. Suva's botanical park is lush with flowering plants, shade trees and green lawns.

Downtown has colonial buildings, modern shopping plazas, and an abundance of restaurants to enjoy. Like the Indian one we ate at yesterday.

There is also some fast food restaurants like Burger King and McDonald’s. We tried the wifi at McDonald’s; however, it was too slow and we could get anything opened.

Unfortunately, the ship’s internet does not work at the Fiji ports. There is some kind of block or interference coming from the country’s wifi. So we will post when we can.

John notice the ship was flying a red flag today. That red flag symbolized that the ship was taking on, discharging, or carrying dangerous cargo. It was when the ship was refueling.

Tomorrow we will be at Dravuni Island Fiji.

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