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Sabins on the Sea - Day 26 - Sea Day #14/Suva, Viti Levi, Fiji

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

John woke up early to catch the sunrise and was up two hours before it happened. It was raining but it was still a beautiful sunrise with a rainbow.

We picked up speed so we could arrive to Fiji early to have the patient in the medical deck be transported to the hospital.

There are a lot of Fiji islands we were passing. Many of them are uninhabited. John had fun using his marine view app and Google Maps to follow our location.

Today was the big performance day for the hula dancing so we decided to take it easy in the morning.

All our hard work finally paid off. We had three weeks of Hula lessons every sea day from San Diego.

The hula dancers and ukulele players put on a fabulous show. We weren’t professionals but I must say we put on a pretty good show for ten, one-half hour practices.

After the show, we received graduation certificates for being a hula dancer and/or ukulele player. Some people double dipped as Keoni, the leader, called it.

Our bridge friends came to watch and said they enjoyed the passengers’ performance more than the professionals.

It will be strange at our next sea day not having hula lessons or Polyfit classes. The entertainment team may put on something but it won’t be the same without Keoni and Kalili.

I laid low today after the performance. Just avoid any chance of getting Covid so we can enjoy Fiji.

John watched the medical patient be tendered to port around 4:15.

Then we watched the Princess ship pull out. We docked soon after they left but it took about two hours to disembark.

Since it was dark most people did not get off of the ship. However, we aren’t most people. The cruise director made an announcement not to wear jewelry which we thought was a little strange but complied.

Only saw a handful of passengers went off the ship tonight.

John was craving Indian and found a restaurant not far from the ship. Indiana Curry House had great reviews as the best Indian restaurant in Fiji and we agree. We had a delicious meal. We didn’t know that most people from Fiji are of Indian origin.

The Fijians were very friendly. Most people said Bula (Hello) as we walked by.

The waitress was very friendly and spoke English very well. John was even able to exchange a US dollar for coins.

After dinner we came back to the ship to enjoy the entertainment.

Tomorrow we will do more exploring. Unfortunately, most places are closed on Sunday. We will plan to sightsee and appreciate what we can see. Maybe more Indian food?

Fiji is a country we have wanted to see since Brooke was on second grade. She did a class report on Fiji and we have been excited to visit there ever since.

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