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Sabins on the Sea - Day 21 - Sea Day #10

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

I can’t believe it has been 21 days already out of our 53-day vacation. When on vacation the time seems to go fast. I think because you lose track of time. I mentioned before I am so glad they have the days of the week in the carpet of the elevator. The only downfall is I like to use the stairs more to get our steps in.

Today we started our day with a walk along the promenade deck. We actually did three and a half times around totaling a mile and a quarter.

We walked the extra half hour because we were waiting for the dining room to open. This was the first breakfast we have eaten in the dining room. I really liked the menu. Many choices and I could even get a mimosa. What was really nice is now I know other options for breakfast and can write them in the next time we do room service.

Another active day for me and another relaxing day for John.

The Navigator app we added on our phone at the beginning cruise has the daily itinerary which you create your own itinerary from. It also has all the info about what services are available on the cruise.

It includes getting into the internet which is pretty spotty now that we are in the middle of the ocean. Once we are back on land hopefully the internet will improve. Though being at remote islands, I am not sure.

Today I did our Hula lesson. Four more practices during our sea days before we perform.

Lots of dancing today which I loved. Besides Hula, I also did the Polyfit class that I did yesterday. Great Polynesian fitness, good for toning. There was also line dancing today. All my favorites. Before the afternoon dancing we also learned different ways to tie saris. Also, the terms for saris. In Soma it is called Lava lava, Sulu in Fiji  and Pareo in Tahiti.

After our standing bridge game we got ready for our formal dinner tonight, the Gala. Every dressy night they serve shrimp cocktail, escargot,  lobster and steak. Nice meal when you are dressed up.

The entertainment tonight was a pianist. Then we listed to the dual pianos and the the music in the Rolling Stones lounge before retiring for the evening.

Every night when we return to our cabin it is cleaned, our covers are turned down, we get tomorrow’s daily program, and a surprise towel animal creation. We started to put my sunglasses in them to make the towel animal look more like something. Some days it was really hard to tell but we love having them. I wonder in the next 31 days if they will repeat the animals.

Tomorrow will not exist as we go over the dateline we will jump from October 16 to October 18; no October 17. When we go back over the dateline we will gain a day back. It is definitely something no one seems to truly understand.

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