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Sabins on the Sea - Day 20 - Sea Day #9

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Today was our first day back at sea in five days. Now we will have four days until our next port in the French Polynesian Islands. It is actually five days, but since we cross over the International date line we lose a day.

The International Date Line is the boundary where each calendar day starts and is also known as the “Line of Demarcation” because it separates two consecutive calendar dates. When you cross the date line, you become a time traveler of sorts! Cross to the west and it's one day later; cross back and you've “gone back in time." It is definitely going to be an interesting experience.  We will also be crossing the equator about that time. It’s like X marks the spot.

Sea days, as I have mentioned before, can be as busy or as relaxed as you like.

My day was somewhere in between, while John’s was very relaxing.

My morning started at 7 am with a stretching class and abs class back to back. Then I spent a little more time in the gym trying to get my steps in. John enjoyed a relaxing morning in bed.

We skipped breakfast today which didn’t hurt with all the food we have been eating.

There has been a little more rocking and movement due to the swells being  six to seven feet. Most of the trip the swells have been two to three feet. The stabilizers on the ship work really well. However, bigger the swells the more movement.

I have only had a couple of times I have had to use the motion sickness bracelets. I had them on since last night and they work really well.

Now that we are back on sea days, they have the activities I was enjoying. Today, I did a Polyfit exercise class. They had it instead of hula. It incorporates Hawaiian and Tahitian dancing. Lots of movement with the hips.

There also was a Hawaiian bracelet making class with paua seeds from Hawaii.

We met our friends for the bridge lesson. Even with five days of not playing we did pretty good retaining what we learned.

We ate lunch in the dining room. As usual the food was amazing. Then we also went to high tea. They serve the crumpets and little sandwiches on a three-tiered tray.

With all that food in the afternoon, we decided to skip dinner. Instead, we went on the top deck to watch the sunset. It was amazing over the blue ocean.

On that deck there is shuffle board, pickleball, basketball, and corn hole games. We had fun playing corn hole.

Since, I didn’t feel like having any alcohol in the evening, I asked the bartender if they can make the lemon and mint drink that we enjoy. It is something we loved drinking in Saudi, limonada. It is such a tasty and refreshing drink. The bartender even tried it. Who knows they may make it a new speciality drink.

We finished the evening watching the comedian, the entertainment tonight and watched a movie in our room.

Tomorrow is day ten at sea. Our second one on this group of sea days.

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