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Sabins on the Sea - Day 16 - Honolulu, Oahu Day #2

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

When we wake up each day we feel like we should pinch ourselves to see if this trip is real. We are having such a fabulous time.

Our second day in Honolulu was very relaxing. We headed out after breakfast and just walked a couple of blocks to the bus stop. We took bus 67 to Ala Moana Center. Just across from the mall is a local beach known as Magic Beach. The official name of the beach is Aina Moana State Park. The city had plans to make it a resort called Magic Beach. Though it never happened the name stuck with the locals.

There were lots of people surfing because the waves were so good. We enjoyed watching the waves, the surfers, and boats sailing.

We sat down on the grass in the shade and drank our cans of water. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but the water we get as part of the drink package is in cans. It is definitely a different experience drinking water from a can. We have been doing that for over two weeks and we still expect the water to taste sweet like soda because it is in a can.

After walking around the beach and putting our feet in the water we went to the mall. From my fall yesterday I didn’t want to get in the salt water yet as I know it would burn too much.

We enjoyed a nice dish of shaved ice at the mall. If you have never shaved ice; it is similar to a snow cone. The shaved ice sure hit the spot after our hot walk.

Ala Moana Center is open-air shopping mall in Honolulu.

It is considered, the world's largest open-air shopping center. There are more than 350 shops and restaurants to explore, including multiple department stores, first-class boutiques and over 160 dining options. The center's retailers specialize in everything from casual wear to unique Hawaii surf gear and much more. We liked going to the ABC store because it had reasonable souvenirs along with the liquor it is known to sell.

Before heading back to the ship we stopped at Walmart that is just up the road from the mall. This Walmart was much better than the one that is close to Chinatown. We stocked up with toiletry items because the rest of the trip we may not be able to get to any of the convenient shops.

Great news! I was able to get my prescription sun glasses. I don’t know if you remember but after two days on the ship I sat on my sunglasses. I ordered a new pair, hoping it would be delivered in time to my friend’s in Honolulu. As we were tracking the package, it said it won’t be delivered till tomorrow, however it was at the distribution center in Honolulu. So after talking to a FedEx representative, it turns out we could pick up my package at the distribution center, just a 25 minute walk from the ship. So now, I have my glasses again, yeah!

After walking back to the ship, we were exhausted. We showered and chilled until dinner.

We really enjoyed the open seating in the dining room so we can meet new people. Tonight we ended up sitting with people we already met the other night.

The night ended with listening to the band at The Rolling Stones Lounge.

The last band members left at this port because their contact was over. A new band performed tonight. So far the don’t compare to the last group.

We weren’t as impressed with the band and they were pretty loud. Not sure if the loudness bothered us because they were a new band or as we get older we aren’t enjoying loud music as much. We went up to the Crows Nest for a cappuccino and tea to finish off our time in Honolulu.

Tomorrow we will be waking up at the port in Nawiliwili, Kauai.

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