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Sabins on the Sea - Day 13 - Sea Day #8

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

It is funny how we are creatures of habit. We tend to establish routines and after five days at sea it appears we have established one; even when our goal was to be free from a schedule, that isn’t our nature.

We tend to be waking up around 6:45 - 7:15. Even with the time change three times. Breakfast is either room service or going to the Lido deck for buffet style.

When we go to the Lido deck our goal is to find seats by the indoor/outdoor pool. There is a cover above the indoor pool that opens to make the pool also outdoors. It gets nice and breezy when they open the cover but also sunny. So we only get a little time on the chaise lounge before we move to the tables where there is shade.

Stitches are out, I plan to enjoy the sauna our next sea day.

After exercising, we mix things up a little. Today we walked on the Promenade deck and found some lounges to chill on after three times around, which is a mile.

Hula dance practice was at 11 am. That was our last practice for five days because we will be in Hawaii.

On October 22 we will be performing for all the guests. So exciting!

We ate lunch on the Lido deck, sometimes we go to dining room. Lunch usually is around 12 or 12:30.

Today we rested, watched a movie in our room, and even made time for a nap. It is nice when naps are in the schedule.

We met our friends for bridge. Each time we are getting better at the game.

Each night during the sea days they have had a sunset aloha hour. We checked it out. It was our hula instructor entertaining us with song and dance. He even had the hula dancers who were there practice our dances in front of an audience. We had fun.

Another great dinner tonight and show with some very loud rock music at the Rolling Stones lounge.

We enjoy cruise life. Tomorrow we will be docking in Hilo, Hawaii. It will be nice to be on land and explore.

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