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Sabins on the Sea - Day 12 - Sea Day #7

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Today started with John playing doctor as he took my stitches out. My incision is healing nicely. He did a great job and had a good bedside manner. As we were looking at our itinerary we still have about 19 more sea days. We enjoy sea days, they can be as busy or as you relaxing as you want. However, after tomorrow, which will be five days at sea in a row, we are ready to be on land and explore. We have had a few changes while we have been on the cruise. First we had to get the booster to be fully vaccinated, then we had to masks onboard the ship, changes to the ports such as not going to Bora Bora, and being self tested for Covid. Well today we had another surprise change. We are now going to Bora Bora. They decided to open to cruise ships, since we have been wearing masks. What is not clear is if we have to wear masks on the island.

We spent the morning waiting in line to adjust shore excursions. Since Bora Bora was added back we wanted to rebook our excursion for Bora Bora. So did everyone else. It was a 45 min wait. The bar staff came to the line so you could order while waiting. The life on a cruise ship. I took another hula lesson. We have learned four hula dances. We will be singing and dancing during the latter part of the cruise.

Still exercising, walking the stairs, and waking the promenade deck. We trying to keep the exercise balanced with the amount of food that is offered. The food is so delicious that it is hard not cleaning your plate. After lunch they offered a line dancing class. It was pop music and some other dances I didn’t know. I had a lot of fun and even got my heart rate up. We had our standing bridge lesson. Each time we are getting better at understanding the game.

The day finished with another amazing meal at the dining room and a wonderful show with the singer from the other day. Who would have thought we would do the 5:30 pm seating for dinner. It works well thought because dinner at the dining room is at least an hour and a half to two hour experience. We usually can still make the early show and believe it or not we are ready for bed around 9 or 9:30 pm. Living in a retirement community that ends at 9 pm has rubbed off on us.

Today we made an exception due to the time change tomorrow and we gain another hour. We went to the Rolling Stones Lounge. They have a rock band who plays three sets a night starting at 8:30 pm. John practiced his dance moves with me and we had a great evening.

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