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Sabins on the Sea - Day 11 - Sea Day #6

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Boy it is so easy to lose what day it is when you are at sea. So grateful for the elevators with the day of the week and the daily schedule that comes the night before.

This is our third sea day in a row. Two more to go before we arrive to Hawaii.

Last night we set our clocks back another hour. Now we are five hours behind Eastern Time. Our bodies had another hour of adjusting to do. Believe it or not we actually slept in a bit to almost 7:30 am which would be pretty late if it was EST.

We decided to mix things up today. Instead of going directly to the gym we went to the lido deck to find chairs by the pool, then ate the cafeteria style breakfast instead of room service.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for those lounges to be in the sun. So we moved onto walking a mile on the third deck. I brought down a set of weights from the gym for our walk. I like the Promenade deck because it is covered and they have posted how many times around the deck equals a mile.

John loves his naps and watching movies in our room. So after our walk around the Promenade and working out at the gym on the Lido Deck. He went back to our room on deck one, the Main Deck.

I took my second Hula lesson. The instructor, Konai, taught us two hula dances. They are fun but going to take some practice to be prepared to perform. We video taped him doing the steps after the lesson so we can practice on our own.

John and I connected up on the Lido deck. We found a quiet table and enjoyed our lunch.

Next was our standing bridge practice with the lovely couple from Canada. Playing with them has really helped our understanding. They are such a patient couple.

We had a drink at the Crow’s Nest, deck ten, the highest deck, before getting ready for our special dinner today at the Pinnacle Grill (a specialty restaurant on the ship). We have a couple of nights during the cruise reserved at the specialty restaurants.

Dinner at the Pinnacle was delicious. They are know for their Clothesline Bacon appetizer. It was a two hour dinner experience. John had some great wine there as well.

Since dinner was a bit longer than planned, we missed the first show on MainStage and had to wait an hour and a half till the second showing. So in the meantime, we walked around and then sat in another bar for a courvoisier.

It was worth the wait for the entertainment tonight…another comedian. The entertainment changes each night and when we get to the next port new entertainers will come aboard and the previous ones will disembark.

We find it interesting that not all the staff stays on for the entire cruise. Some, like one of the bar waitresses, has finished her seven month assignment and will get off in Hawaii to go home for three months in Thailand. Other staff will come on board.

Looking forward to our fourth sea day in a row.

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