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Sabins on the Sea - Day 1 - Vancouver

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Wow! We are finally traveling and blogging again. Moving and Covid held us back from our adventures. Now we are back to explore new places on our 50 day cruise to the South Pacific Islands.

Today is day one of our two month journey to the South Pacific Islands.

We plan to keep you updated each day on our exploration. There were a lot of obstacles to over come to get us to this day.

It took us two years, Covid and melanoma removal but we are finally on our way. We know God has the perfect time for this trip.

Our flight started at 5:45 am from the Orlando International Airport, that meant being at the airport by 4:15; wake-up was at 3:15 am. Now that is early; even the roosters aren’t awake at that time. We are glad we decided to stay overnight near the airport. Thanks to John’s parents who joined us overnight and our chauffeur, we made it safely to the airport.

You never know with traveling if any hiccups can happen…delayed or canceled flights, bags too heavy, lost bags, carryon bag too big and other things (all which has happened to us during our travels). However, Praise the Lord today was smooth sailing all the way and no long term waiting.

We were surprised that it was still mandatory to wear a mask on the plane to Vancouver and the airport. However, that policy is supposed to stop at the end on October 1st.

Seven hours and 2,750 miles later we are settled at our hotel close to the port in Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver is three hours behind Florida, so we still had a day to explore.

We walked to Chinatown and had an authentic Chinese meal at Daisy Garden Kitchen. Nina ordered the soup of the day - chicken foot soup.

Then we walked towards Gastown. Sadly between the two areas there is a huge homeless / drug population.

We are back at the hotel to rest and prepare ourself for a day of exploration with friends who live in Vancouver.

Stay tuned for our next blog.

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