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Sabin’s Vacation 2023 - From Land to Sea Day #3 - Life on a Lake (with Jake)

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

What a glorious way to wake up, to the sound of ducks quacking and birds chirping.

I was hoping to catch the sunrise over the lake this morning but who wants to set their alarm on vacation.

High Rock Lake is majestic no matter what time of day it is.

After a brisk walk around the neighborhood; walking Jake, our friend’s Pit Bull mix, we were ready to start our day on the lake.

He is the sweetest dog and is a great companion all day long.

The temp was only 74 degrees at 9:15 am and the hottest part of the day it will only be 89 degrees and overcast. We are loving this weather.

Our lake activities began with kayaking around the island about 1/2 mile from our friend’s abode.

It was such a peaceful surreal experience to be on a lake with the views and sounds of nature surrounding us. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Being in these types of environments, we can't help but want to Praise the Lord for His creation and goodness. We all are so blessed.

Two hours later after Kayaking, I was back on the lake doing paddle boarding. The last time I went paddle boarding was in Sri Lanka, where we did yoga. I tried some yoga today, but without being tethered to a line, I only felt comfortable with poses that my hands could touch the board like, Downward Dog and Cobra. Tree pose was a little too unsteady for me not on land and I didn’t feel like going for a swim that way.

We took a break from the lake as we enjoyed an early lunch and admired the beautiful landscape, especially the unbelievably red hibiscus.

Then after our food digested, we were on the lake again, only this time on a pontoon boat.

We cruised around for a while, appreciating the scenery and the gorgeous homes that are built along the lake.

It was time for us to swim. Jake was the first one to jump in and take a dip. I just love to watch him fly through the and land in the water. We caught him doing that twice on video.

Riding back, with warmth of the sun, I couldn't help but close my eyes and nod off.

The rest of the afternoon was a perfectly relaxing time. Exactly what you would want on a vacation.

We went to dinner via boat. It was pretty cool to arrive at the restaurant by water.

Water’s Edge is the restaurant on High Rock Lake you can get to by boat. It has wonderful food choices and great views of the lake.

They even offered a fun summer drink that I enjoyed; Flirty Fireworks- Blue Curaçao, Sprite, Malibu, and Boba. What a unique experience drinking Bobas in my alcoholic drink.

It was great to have a whole day of not being in the car. Nice break from our road trip.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s blog of our next destination in the southern part of Virginia.

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