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Sabin’s on the Sea 2023 - Sea Day #3

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Waking up on our first sea day felt like déjà vu. Only ten months ago we were having our first sea day on our previous Zuiderdam voyage. 

All I can say is what a relaxing day. We started with breakfast in our room, followed by a beginning and then intermediate bridge lesson. I am really determined to leave this cruise with an even better understanding of bridge.

Both John and I took advantage of reading on our balcony while being lulled by the rocking waves of the ocean and feeling the mild mist of the sea air. It is such a treat to be able to have our own private balcony. This is truly spoiling us. 

Having unlimited sushi for lunch is a little dangerous, but we are trying to limit our food intake, especially on sea days, but that is not very easy.

At least we are trying to balance it out with our exercise time in the gym. Fourth-five minutes on the treadmill will hopefully help. However, it is amazing how fast you can put can gain the calories and how hard it is to lose them.

Today was the a double complimentary drink day; first for the three, four, and five star Mariners guests. Then later in the evening with a toast with the captain as he introduced his officer team. With getting complimentary drinks, we are not really missing the drink package. 

There was one minor incident today when we heard six blows of the horn. Seven horn blows with one long one means everyone get to the muster station for evacuation. Six meant there was a minor problem that needed attention from the medical staff. 

Turns out the area where they have the furnace to burn cardboard caused some smoke problems. It did not affect the guests and it was a very minor issue, but it showed how quickly the staff can handle any problem. 

Each day we seem to meet new people.

Today we met a lovely Australian couple who we had a lot on common with traveling adventures. 

The swells reached up to five feet. I am working on getting my sea legs. John seemed to already establish his. The stabilizers work very well, but I am a lightweight and had to wear my anti-nausea wrist bands and took some natural anti-nausea medicine which helped a lot. 

We experienced the first of many dressy nights. I think the ladies enjoy dressing up more than the men.

Dinner was once again delicious. I had the lamb and John had filet mignon. 

Tonight entertainment was a fantastic pianist.

We actually tried the slot’s machines tonight. It is thrilling to hear the sounds of the machines especially when you watch your money increase but in a few seconds your emotions can change from happy to sad as you watch the same money decrease. Good we have a limit on how much we will spend on the whole trip. 

We ended our evening by watching the dueling pianos. I have to say the players are fully of energy and very entertaining.

Tomorrow we will be arriving Sydney, Nova Scotia. Another new destination new for me; John was there as a child. 

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