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Sabin’s on the Sea 2023 - Day # 5 Corner Brook, Newfoundland

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Another beautiful morning as we arrived at our next port in Canada. The views are spectacular from our ship’s balcony. 

We did our typical routine breakfast in our room. Today mine was Gluten Free Waffles and John had the American Breakfast of eggs, hash browns, sausage, and bacon. We do try to keep it healthy with fruit every day. Lol

The scheduled time to be at each port has been exact. We have been very impressed with that.

We disembarked today around 8:15 like yesterday. 

Today is a walking day on trails that intertwine all around the city. 

Right off the ship you can tell that the locals are welcoming. They have big signs that say Welcome Zuiderdam, both on the port and at City Hall. 

There were also ladies handing out maps and a free shuttle that brought us from the port to town. The shuttle drop off and pick up point is adjacent to City Hall. We could have walked the ten minutes to town but since the shuttle was there we decided to save the extra steps on my back and legs and John’s knees. Tough getting older, it is cramping our style. 

Corner Brook is the largest city in Western Newfoundland. It has lots of stores, restaurants, and is great point to explore Western Newfoundland. 

It is known for its wildlife such as: herds of caribou and moose and rivers of trout and spawning salmon. Seals and whales are found offshore. Three craft outlets in town offer hand-embroidered parkas, whalebone and ivory carvings, and sealskin leather goods.

On our hike though the only wildlife we saw were crows and a chirping bird,m who appeared to be following us and getting louder. It stopped after a bit, so we think she was protecting the area we she must have a nest. 

The first trail we hiked was just above West Street. This one hikes up above the city so you can admire the views of the city and sea. 

Then we proceededto another trail around the Corner Brook Stream Trail off of Park Street. We walked around the Corner Brook pond but a section of the trail was under construction so we walked back a different way. 

The Glymill Trail by the Glynmill Inn, one of the oldest hotel in Newfoundland, was under construction so we couldn’t walk around the Glynmill Pond. That is one of the trails we were really hoping to walk. 

More information about the Inn. Built-in 1923 by Halifax architect Andrew Cobb, the Glynmill Inn is a four-and-one-half-storey hotel built in the Tudor Revival style. The Inn is one of the most recognizable buildings in Corner Brook.

March 31, 2001, The Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador designated The Glynmill Inn a Registered Heritage Structure. 

We enjoyed walking the trails throughout the City. However, the challenge was they had great signs until actually getting on the trails. We are used to having colors on the trees to show us which trail we are on or want to go on. Corner Brook did not have those markings. 

Our first and one of our last stops before walking the trail back to the ship was City Hall. 

In City Hall there is roof top access to enjoy city views, a museum with the history of Corner Brook, Newley opened Rotary Arts Center, free wifi, and restrooms accommodations for all genders. 

The city seemed to be very happy to have the cruise ship visit and were welcoming every where we went. 

We stopped at a local church and they even had a sign welcoming the passengers of Zuiderdam.  The church was very quaint and inviting.

After about four hours of waking and 10,841 steps later we were back on the ship. 

We came back at a perfect time. As we were heading back we could see the rain and lightning in the distance. The downpour happened just as we were eating lunch on the lido deck of the ship by the indoor pool. 

Before that the weather was perfect, in the 70s, overcast and just a bit breezy. A big difference from yesterday’s 94 degrees in Nova Scotia, which was unusually hot. 

This has been such a blessed vacation and we are only on day five out of thirty-five. 

I bet you have been wondering, just as I have ,where is the Viking part of our Viking Voyage. Well, that is coming after two sea days when we arrive in Paamiut (Frederikshåb), Greenland.

No wifi for two days. Next blog will be in three days. See you then. 

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