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Sabin’s on the Sea 2023 - Day #33 - Sea Day (Atlantic Sea)

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Today the captain announced we have been 8,400 nautical miles since Boston.

We are on our way to our last port, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

We had a special lunch today. It was the Mariner’s lunch where the captain and other officers show their appreciation to the crew and especially to the passengers. Most passengers on this cruise are seasoned cruisers on Holland America.

With Holland you get Mariner’s status after the first cruise. One star is the after the first cruise; two star is 30 days of cruising; three star is 75 days; four star is 200 days, and five star is 500 days with Holland. Each time you reach the next level star passengers receive a mariner’s pin. Then every 100 days passengers receive a medallion. We have met our first 100 days (and close to 200 days).

One lady actually received a medallion for 1800 days. Our guess is she one of those permanent cruisers who live on the cruise ship. As a person gets older it is a less expensive way to live and receive five star care compared to a retirement home.

Every time passengers move up a star level they get more perks such as at level four free unlimited laundry. That seems to be everyone’s favorite perk on long cruises.

Tonight was our last dressy night. We enjoy Gala nights for the food and dressing up.

I found another cruising duck today. For awhile I didn’t think I would find any more and that maybe people were keeping the ducks. It is so fun to find them and then hide them again for someone else to find. There is a Cruising Duck Facebook page where you can post when you find a duck.

The evening finished with a delicious chocolate surprise. The wait staff walked around the promenade floor with trays of chocolate. One treat was more delicious than the next.

Going home is going to be challenging as we have to go back to cooking and cleaning for ourselves. Once home, there will be no towels animals or chocolates on our bed in the evening, our bed automatically being made after breakfast and after dinner, clean towels hung up, and the bathroom cleaned daily. We are not sure how we are going to make it without all these luxurious services. Guess we will slowly migrate back into real life.

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