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Sabin’s on the Sea 2023 - Day #27 - #28 Sea Days (Denmark Strait and Prince Christian Sound)

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

We had two days at sea which was relaxing and rejuvenating. Sleeping in, hot tubs, saunas and delicious food can do that for you. Plus, no responsibilities except to have fun and enjoy.

On sea days, the program has lots of activities to do and to make it more exciting for the eleventh and twelfth sea days they added one time activities such as: the officers ball, where at all the music bars the officers came and danced with the guests, sea food chowder served at the bow to warm the passengers while they stood in the nippy 25 degree Fahrenheit weather admiring the breathtaking views of the fijords and a special cake afternoon just mix things up for the guests.

The second time through the Prince Christian Sound was better than the first. The sky was clear which made fiords look even more magnificent if that could even be possible.

It took us eight hours to cruise through the channel. With mountains on both sides, glaciers and icebergs all along the way, we couldn’t take our gaze off the surrounding views for one moment.

Words can’t describe how it feels to see these unbelievable fijords. What was awesome is we didn’t even have to get out of bed as we watched the sites from our balcony window.

Since the weather was so good the captain took his time taking us through Prince Christian Sound. He even turned the ship 360 degrees twice, once so all the passengers could be amazed by the incredible glacier and the other time so everyone could easily see the small village at the base of one of the mountains.

The village looked so tiny viewing it from the ship and being surrounded by mountains.

What really was memorable was sitting in the hot tub in the 50 degrees weather while we looked up at the mountains and glaciers that surrounded the Zuiderdam.

At lunch we met a lady who knew what happen the last time we were in Prince Christian Sound when a medical helicopter came to rescue a patient. Turns out one of the passengers had a bowel obstruction and needed to be operated right away, she was 89. The good news is the hospital was in contact with her mate (90) who had to remain on board till Reykjavík, where she was helicoptered to and they were reunited. Even though it didn’t affect us, we were grateful to know the surgery was successful and the passenger was ok.

This evening we had the privilege to have drinks with the top officer and his wife. He is the hotel manager we befriended during the cruise last year on the Zuiderdam. We had a lovely conversation along with delicious appetizers and drinks. The appetizers are not usually offered at the bar, but it was a treat for us from the officers. We felt very honored to have this opportunity.

Tomorrow we will be back in Greenland to a small town called Qaqortoq. The temperature will still be in the 40s - 50s. We are praying for no pesky mosquitoes like in Paamiut. Believe it or not, our visit to Paamiut, Greenland was

twenty-one days ago. The time is flying by as we have exactly a week left.

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