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Sabin’s on the Sea 2023 - Day # 14 - Akureyri, Iceland

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

After a relaxing day at sea, we were ready to explore the we wonders of Iceland.

Right out our balcony we had great views of the city and watched as the local pilot boat pull up to the Zuiderdam.

Once again we had to bundle up to go outside. Icelanders always have to wear some jacket, even in the summer. The temperatures range from 40s to 50s. Today has been one of the warmer days at 55 degrees which is still winter jacket weather for us Floridians.

As soon as the shipped anrroved into port we recognized the surroundings of Akureyri. Therefore, we have concluded that we did visit Akureyri in 2017 on our Cruise Maritime excursion but not Isafjordur.

Akureyri is in the northern part of Iceland. It is the second largest city. The city is surrounded by snow cap mountains and bears the title of the capital of Northern Iceland. Its roots fall back from the ninth century as a trading place and now is a flourishing cultural center.

There is so much to see in Akureyri, from the picturesque views, to the lovely botanical garden, an 80 year old magnificent church with a steeple that measures to over 150 feet, an art museum with vibrant colors on the sidewalk and a variety of shops and restaurants. If you are looking for it Akureyri probably has it.

We even visited the local liquor store for unique bourbons for John. We were there just a couple of minutes before opening and a line was already forming. We thought maybe there was a special today but everyone was buying different things. Our guess is because it is Friday maybe they are preparing for the weekend.

One really special icon is the heart. They have it on their traffic lights and a large heart in the center of town. These hearts signify finding joy when there is adversity such as: getting through the tough winters, enjoying the pleasant summers, and the hearts lift the spirits of the Icelanders.

There are opportunities to get free wifi; one right at the cruise terminal with tables for you to use, and the other is at the information center just a few minutes from the port. At the information center you can also get maps, suggestions for activities, and admire the handicrafts and art decorated throughout the building.

There are many ways to get around Akureyri. It is small enough to walk the city, however, taxis, buses and a hop on hop off bus is available at no fee.

We tend to walk so we can stop at our leisure to take pictures and not be on someone else’s schedule.

Our cruise ship arrived at 7 am and all aboard was at 3:30 pm. Due to John’s cold and our aches and pains we have been dealing with we were back on the ship after three hours and over 12,000 steps of exploring.

Between Akureyri and our next port, Lerwick, Scotland we have 725 nautical miles.

The captain mentioned in his announcement that once we get around Iceland heading south we will be going 90 knots, almost full speed to arrive at the next port in two days. So yes, tomorrow will be our seventh sea day.

Tonight’s Sunset 10:22 pm and is at Sunrise 4:50 am; as I mentioned it never really gets fully dark so no chance to see the Northern Lights.

The last thing the captain mentioned is we should have calm seas and a nice voyage to Lerwick, Scotland. That is very good news to hear. We were expecting rougher seas and feel blessed to have experienced such amazingly calm and peaceful voyage.

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