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Sabin’s on the Sea 2023 - Day # 13 - Sea Day (North Atlantic Sea)

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

At 7 am, on our six sea day, we crossed over the Arctic Circle. It is such a special opportunity that the cruise gives every passenger an authentic certificate of this event. 

We were expecting more of a celebration for the crossing over like we had for going over the equator - the King Neptune and Pollywog celebration.

We cross the Arctic Circle again. May there will be something.

Also, the water didn’t look any different but just knowing we made it to this far north is so exciting. 

Normally on the journey from Isafjordur to Akureyri, but in this Voyage a sea day was built in to enjoy cruising along the coast of Iceland and admiring God’s scenic beauty of the ocean, mountains, and sea life. 

As we cruised along at 6 knots we were able to see dolphins jumping in and out of the water. They looked like children playing with the ship, having fun and being care free. 

Throughout the day we saw different groups of dolphins. Some passengers saw whales, but we mostly saw dolphins and birds.

On particular flock of birds was fascinating to watch. They were rather small but adorable as they popped on at a time under the water and then seconds later pop up like they went down one at a time. 

We also enjoyed watching the seagulls glide above the water searching for food. It is so peaceful to watch these beautiful creatures.

As we are walking around the ship we have noticed more coughing and sneezing. The ship can be a peitrie dish. So we are taking echinacea, washing our hands as often as we can, and using the hand sanitizer throughout the ship. 

The voyage has been very different from our last one with the concern of Covid. We heard someone has tested positive but they are only asked to remain in their room till the symptoms subside. 

If everyone stayed in their room who are not feeling well or have cold like symptoms, less people will become ill.  Nothing has been said by the captain or staff about that. The last cruise that was announced daily. 

John has minor cold symptoms and has been staying away from others, except me of course. I am feeling well and besides echinacea, we have been taking Zinc, and drinking lots of fluids - and not the alcohol kind.

Sleeping has been a bit of a challenge because it never really gets dark, more of a twilight but it doesn’t happen till after 11 pm and the sunrise happens around 3 pm. 

Lastly, we are getting extra exercise going up and down the stairs because the closest elevators to our room are not working. The up and down calling buttons are having problems. Hopefully, when we get to Rotterdam, they can get the parts to have it fixed. In the meantime from 8 am - 9 pm one of the staff is pressing the buttons from the inside the elevator to each floor all day long to see if anyone is on that floor. It has been interesting to watch to see if she has any takers as she peeks out of the elevator.

Tomorrow we will be in Akureyri, Iceland. We remember the last time we visited there in the summer 2017 when we did our Iceland Cruise from Dundee, Scotland. Wonder if it has changed since these last time we were there. 

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