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Sabin’s on the Sea 2023 - Day # 11 - Sea Day (Denmark Strait)

Updated: Aug 10

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Today was our fifth sea day. Yesterday we felt it was more like going to a port than a sea day because we had those magnificent glaciers, mountains, and icebergs through the Prince Christian Sound. 

It is interesting how quickly we can feel at home on the ship, especially with sea days. 

Besides the routine we have established of going to the gym, having breakfast either at the lido deck or in our room, bridge lessons, reading, and napping, we also attend special events that come up.

Today we had the opportunity to learn how the food is prepared and delivered to the guests. Just as you would have expected it is very systematic. Places for the appetizers both hot and cold, separate sections for the main courses, and dessert. The waiters take the order and go to the stations to fill the order. They even have a section for the preorders, like my meals.

We did find it interesting that they also have a real-time chart where they keep track of how many of each item they make, how many were ordered, and the percentage that was left. 

Two of our favorite pastimes are after lunch going into the hot tub and sauna. It is such a great way to relax and help the aging body pains. 

Unlike the last cruise, there hasn’t been much dance opportunities. That is ok, because I have been practicing a dance that we will be doing when I get back home. It is similar to when I was practicing for the Hulu. I devote half an hour to go through the dance routine.

There are endless activities on the ship throughout the day. The program starts bright and early with exercise classes, art opportunities such as adult coloring and dot challenges.  There are non-stop game opportunities: bridge, mahjong, board games, trivia, and puzzles. Plus speakers on various topics such as upcoming ports, movies, and of course entertainment all throughout the ship. You can never be bored unless you want to be. 

Today the captain announced that we have gone 2,564 miles from Boston. 

What we really like is the route we are taking from Greenland to Iceland is usually rough seas and weather. We have been blessed to be part of the less than 1% to have calm weather. It has been so smooth you could barely tell we are cruising along the waters. 

There has been birds flying along the ship.

John watched a couple of them fly around the back of the ship like they were two children playing.

People also spotted whales today as we rode along. Basically you can see some of the top of the whale and the water that comes out of its spot. 

Along the way we have been adjusting our time. For the past few evenings we have been moving our time ahead. Currently, we are four hours ahead of Eastern Standard time. 

Tomorrow’s port is Isafjordur, Iceland. The ship used to have to tender into this port, but the town is excited about having more tourism and is in the process of finishing their port. They captain and his crew are hopeful that it is ready for us to dock at the port so we don’t have to tender in. 

Lastly, we are psyched about finally getting access to internet. I don’t mind a few days of being unplugged but five days is a lot.

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