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Sabin’s on Land -Day 54 - Back to Home

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Today our day started early by getting up at 6:30 am to make our 9:50 am flight.

Most of you reading this blog are probably seasoned travelers. So you know getting to the airport in plenty of time is necessary as you never know what obstacles you will face.

The process went very smoothly from checking in online yesterday, to being able to check our roller carryons for free, and all the luggage was within the weight limit.

Hallelujah! Those are always hurdles travelers look forward to completing with ease.

The next challenge is the flight being on time, which it was and the boarding process was a breeze.

Most airlines has some type of layover. Ours was at the Charlotte, NC airport. We had a three hour layover. As one knows, by the time you get off one flight and on another a good hour has passed. So the waiting time doesn’t appear to be as long as we think. It was 1:48 pm on my watch but we went off the plane it was 4:48 pm because we were back on Eastern Time. Amazing how fast three hours disappeared.

Before flying on this trip we hadn’t been in airport in four years. It was so exciting to see USB charging ports and electrical outlets built in every seat in the airport as well as on the planes.

Also, we really liked having onboard internet to watch movies on our laptop and iPhones. It sure makes the time fly.

The last hurdle of getting our bags wasn’t as smooth as the rest of our process. We landed at 10:30 pm but our bags did not make the flight. They came on a later flight. So instead of taking the normal half hour to get our bags, it took over an hour and a half. We waited at two different carriers for our bags. Just another challenge on the traveling journey.

By the time we got home today, we traveled for twelve plus hours.

Seeing our cats, being home and in our own bed is such a comfortable peaceful feeling. Can’t believe it has been 54 days since we slept in our own bed.

We have felt so blessed on this trip. We know the Lord was guiding us and working out every challenge on this  adventure. Our faith has only grown from this 54-day journey.

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