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Sabin’s at Sea - Our 50 Day Cruise is Coming to End… Day 50 - Sea Day #26

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Today we went to a Mariner’s Lunch. The past three days at lunch they closed the dining room for this special event. Every guest was invited to attend the Mariner’s Lunch.

Part of Holland Cruise is receiving stars for the number of days one has cruised on Holland. Based on the number of stars is how we were invited to lunch. We have two stars going on three.

At the Mariner’s lunch, the captain shared about the voyage and thanking the passengers for being on this cruise. He did mention the challenges, but as I discussed in an early blog, there is nothing that could have been done about the weather.

As for the Covid challenges, they continued to quarantine passengers who tested positive. They were moved to another room with a veranda. They also received compensation for the ports they missed.

Speaking of compensation, they refunded half our money for the internet issues.

Holland America is one of the top cruise lines for repeat guests. The crew’s friendly and sincere caring personality is what brings people coming back.

There was also a special surprise from all the cabin stewards around the inside swimming pool on the Lideo deck. It was the invasion of the towel animals! Big ones, little ones, birds, cows, squids, swans, spiders, and many more were surrounding the pool. They were on tables, chaise lounges, even hanging from the awnings. It was an unbelievable sight to see. Everyone was in awe as they walked around looking at all the creations.

Now, we are counting down to our final days at sea. Only two more sea days to go. Today was the last day to put our laundry in. Definitely starting to feel a bit somber as this 50-days Polynesian Cruise comes to an end.

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