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Sabin’s at Sea - Our 50 Day Cruise is Coming to End… Day 49 - Sea Day #25

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Today was a uneventful day, which is fine because our cruise is winding down, we are resting up to get back to real life. Getting back to life is hard after any vacation but I believe it will be more challenging after 53 days.

We sat with some ladies for dinner tonight who said as they started the cruise there were other ladies chanting as they walked on the ship; no more cooking, no more cleaning, and buying groceries for 50 days.

Now the opposite is going their everyone’s mind. Who is going to do the cooking, cleaning, and shopping.

Since we moved up to the fourth floor, we get chocolates every night and the towel animals really look like animals.

It is going to be an adjustment not to have all the caretaking we have received during this cruise.

It takes 30 days to establish a habit, since we will have been gone 53 days, we have created habits that will need to change: having delicious food every meal already made and anything we want, all types of drinks any time of the day, and taking naps whenever we want.

We celebrated John’s birthday at the dining room tonight, because we did not get to yesterday. He received another cake and more Indonesian singing.

As were waking back to our room, we took a set stairs that was very interesting. There were plaques from all the places the Zuiderdam visited for the first time. The one from Tonga was placed in the stairwell.

Only three more sea days till our days at sea are over and back to reality.

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