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Sabin’s at Sea - Our 50 Day Cruise is Coming to End… Day 48 - Sea Day #24

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Today was a special day at sea; we celebrated John’s birthday. The day started with an early phone call from our younger daughter. Later in the morning we talked to our older daughter and John’s parents. It is pretty amazing to be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and be able to talk on WhatsApp.

When we bought the internet package we didn’t know what to expect. We are just happy that most of the time we have been able to keep in touch with our family and friends. While we had stronger internet we were glad we could most of our blogs and photos. The rest will come when we are in San Diego - our final destination on this cruise.

On this 50-day cruise experience, we have learned to be flexible and appreciate each moment. The times the internet was working we were very grateful. The challenges with the weather, internet, and leaks only made us appreciate the good moments even more such as celebrating John’s birthday on the ship.

At lunch we met our Canadian friends for lunch on the Lideo deck. It turns out the table number we sat at was 53, his age today, what a coincidence. The dining staff came over with a huge piece of cake and sang an Indonesian version of Happy Birthday.

The rest of day we relaxed until drinks with our friends and dinner at the Pinnacle Restaurant. It is a speciality restaurant we have had the opportunity to eat at twice. Their signature dish is the bacon clothesline which I may have mentioned in an earlier blog.

With this cruise winding down, we still have one more dressy Gala night and an opportunity to eat at the Canaletto, the other specialty restaurant.

We have been so impressed with the staff all over the ship and the amazing flavors at each of the food options.

The evening ended with watching the Zuiderdam Singers and Dancers; and a surprise swans towel animals shaped at a heart with a birthday card and banner from our room stewards. It was a perfect ending to a great birthday for John.

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