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Sabin’s at Sea - Our 50 Day Cruise is Coming to End… Day 46 - Sea Day #22

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

We woke up so excited as the internet appeared to be working. John tends to wake up early and the internet seemed slow but most things were opening.

I also had a chance to do some things on the internet. We even were able to talk to our daughter before 9:00 am.

Once the captain announced that the internet was working again, people must have jumped on the ships wifi. Since the announcement, the wifi has barely worked.

Since we aren’t able to open websites, I couldn’t follow up the captain’s nautical topic on the Bridge.

The staff are incredible, so personable and make each guest feel important and special.   Our goal continues to see the positive experiences and blessings of being on this voyage.

Speaking of wonderful experiences. Tonight they had a special parade of chocolates on the second floor. The wait staff walked around with trays of chocolate to all the passengers in the halls as of the bars at 9 pm.

Tomorrow, there will be two special events. They will be having a Remembrance Ceremony for veterans and we are passing the equator.

If you remember what we wrote about the equator before when we crossed, the sun sets very fast below the horizon. It is really neat to watch.

The staff also throws a celebration by the pool with an appearance of King Neptune as we cross the equator. Many of the staff are involved in the festivities.

This event we have been hearing about it from other passengers and are excited to see it for ourselves.

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