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Sabin’s at Sea - Day 44 - Sea Day #21

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

Waking up not having internet is definitely a challenge especially on sea days. This is when everyone likes to talk to loved ones, check email, and keep up with the world outside of the cruise.

The cruise internet has been down now for four days. Tomorrow is our last port and we should be able to get internet then.

The ship is trying to accommodate passengers tomorrow by setting up hot spots through the land wifi from Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, the port we will be at tomorrow.

They are offering ten-minute sessions from three different hot spots throughout the ship. We are not sure how they are going to be able to keep tract of the time. Guessing they will be using some sort of personal


Besides the internet and weather there have been other challenges to over come. Yesterday, we noticed leaks from the floor or ceiling on almost every floor of the ship. Some were happening due to the heavy storms and the other appears to be the air conditioning leaking.

Our room was one of the ones with leaky air conditioning that was setting our carpet and an ordor was starting due to the wetness. Besides the leaky air conditioning, we also have had plumbing problems with no hot water for short time, and earlier on the cruise our air conditioning was not working and our room was hot for about four days.

The guest services was very good at checking up on the problems and do their best to get someone to fix issues in a timely manner.

Today, unbeknownst to us, we were offered to be upgraded from the first floor to a veranda with a balcony.

It was very nice of them to offer us the room and in a hour we were moved into our new room.

This room is on the fourth floor on the port side with a balcony; before our room was on the first floor on the starboard side with a window.

It will feel like a whole new cruise in our new room. With eight days left, it will nice to have a new experience. After 42 days, we are so used to go going to our former room, hopefully we won’t automatically go there.

Some people are only on a cruise for seven to eight days. So in some ways our new room feels like a new cruise.

Today flowed like our typical sea day, relaxing in our room, doing the dance class, and lunch in the dining room.

There was a movie shown in The Rolling Stones after lunch. They serve popcorn and it felt like a real theater. The movie was ‘Dog’. We enjoyed something new.

When we went back to our room we had the message on our phone about the room change.

Tonight was a dressy Gala night. So after we settled in our new room, changed into our dressy outfits, and then had drinks with our Canadian friends.

After drinks and Euchre, we enjoyed the evening entertainment. There was a new male group who did a fabulous act of Frankie and the Four Seasons.

We finished our evening with a late dinner and then a night cap on our new balcony.

Tomorrow is our last port, Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands. It is still in French Polynesia; however, they have their own flag and currency.

The weather looks good for tomorrow. So we are planning a great day at our last port.

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