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Sabin’s at Sea - Day 30 - Sea Day #16

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

by Nina Sabin - Travel Blog

It is so interesting to wake up on a sea day. Since we don’t have to get up for an excursion or exploring, we can relax in bed.

We have decided to call our cruise ship Zuiderdam, our floating resort.

Perspective is key when you have so many sea days.

The staff on the ship are so nice and friendly. No matter where you go on the ship you see smiling faces and greeted with hellos as you walk by.

What is even more personal as many of the staff remember who you are and correspond with you by name.

Each day the captain does a daily talks about our location, our speed, temperature, wave height, and some nautical trivia.

Today’s information was about the pilots that come on the ship at each port.

Harbor pilots (often just referred to as "pilots") are experienced seamen, usually former ship captains, with in depth knowledge of a given port and the surrounding waterways.

Most ports in the world require pilotage, the practice where a pilot comes on board near the entrance of the port and then assists the ship's captain with bringing the ship into port, and docking or anchoring in the designated anchorage. The pilot also helps provide safe passage when the ship departs.

Today was a pretty relaxing day. Due to the more movement of ship, we had our nausea wristbands on a lot of the day. We did a bit more relaxing in our room.

I did make it to the dance class that was offered. What was exciting is they are preparing for Halloween and taught us a simple version of Thriller. I am really happy, as I loved performing it last year and was hoping I would be able to dance it again this year. We also reviewed one of the Hula dances we learned. I am so glad they have dancing on the sea days.

We practiced bridge again. I have to say that is one of the more challenging games we have ever learned. Today we were told it will take us over 10 years to truly understand the game.

Since we are getting close to Halloween, the ship had a pumpkin carving contest by department. I don’t think I have seen such unique carvings.

Passengers are also getting festive with their door decorations.

Tonight we enjoyed dinner with another couple. I met the wife during hula lessons. It is so fascinating to meet new people and hear their life experiences.

The night finished with a new comedian who joined the ship yesterday in Lautoka. It is interesting how one entertainment leaves from one port and another joins us. This comedian flew in from England to Fiji. I can’t imagine how long that flight took.

Tomorrow we will be in Nuku’alofa,Tongatapu, Tonga.

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