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How to Make a Better You – When You Change Your Habits, You Change Your Life

by Nina Sabin - Healthy Tip


Each one of us are wired differently. We each have our own behaviors, beliefs, and identity.

Our behaviors, beliefs and identity are developed as a child. This is called our programming. Some of our programming is self-promoting while others are self-destroying. We are programmed from all the information that were given about ourselves and the world from birth to about five years of age. As a result of programming we form the foundation of our beliefs and identity. This leads to the action that become our habits. Then those habits become automatic. Even those self (health) destroying habits are automatic.

The good news is that we aren’t stuck in those habits. The saying ‘old habits die hard” is true but it is not impossible to make healthy changes for yourself. These habits are not just in our behavior, but also in our beliefs and identity.

You might think to yourself: skinny people are happier people. If I lose x number of pounds, I would be happy, if I don’t do my job perfectly I will never be successful, or my body is too ugly to be loved. These are all patterns of thinking, but are not healthy. According to Health Coach Institute (HCI), the way we talk to ourselves has a dramatic impact on how we feel, and relate to our bodies.

What we think and say about ourselves can uplift and empower ourselves or can also make us feel defeated and powerless.

We each know there are habits in our lifestyle that we want to change, but seem to fall back in those patterns even though we don’t want to continue those unhealthy habits. We need a lasting transformation not a false transformation.

So how do we successfully make lasting changes? The first step in the change process is identifying those self-defeating habits. HCI states habit change is not just an event, it is a process. To create the life you want, you simply need to change your habits.

Once you identify those self-defeating habits, the next job is to learn how to replace them with more self-promoting habits. This is done through reprogramming. Many of us our programming is out-of-date and needs a tune-up to become a healthy person.

Trying to change habits on your own seems impossible. You do a great attempt to start, but after a short time, you fall back into the same pattern of behavior, belief, or identity. That is because that behavior, belief, or identity is automatic and ingrained.

I struggled with this for years. I know that my stomach gets inflamed from many foods. However, I crave them so often. I finally decided, I don’t want to have a bloated stomach, feel uncomfortable all the time and be doubled up in pain in the evening. Doctors would call it IBS-C and wanted me to try a variety of medications. Unfortunately, they never worked.

Then, I began to make habit changes. I started with not eating gluten. That helped some, but then I was giving a tool of the top foods that cause inflammation. With the right support, taking small steps, and accepting that I don’t need foods that cause me to feel uncomfortable and that there are healthier alternatives to those foods. I began to feel better and have made healthy lasting changes. The result little to no more bloating, cramps or evening pain. I feel great and so glad I decided to make the habit change.

To make lasting changes you have to take small steps, have support, and replace the old habits with new healthy habits. We all want to see lasting results when we make changes in our life. With the help of Living Free Health & Life Coaching this is possible. We provide the right tools to change the habits that have caused your health problems, relationship problems, financial struggles, and lack of career success.

Through a 90-Day program, we work with you to learn the “why under the why” that you struggle with these habits and then help you replace those habits. We also help you learn about yourself and your body. What you need and that your needs are different from others.

God made each of us uniquely and wonderfully made. Psalm 139: (NIV) I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful; I know that full well.

Since we are each different, we have our own beliefs and identity. The question is: do you really know yourself? This is your chance to learn and to find those habits that need to be changed in your life.

Remember to “Make a Better You", change your habits and change your life.

Set up a free consultation with Living Free Health & Life Coaching and learn have the BEST life for you.


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