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How to Make a Better You – Say Goodbye to Depression and Anxiety

by Nina Sabin - Healthy Tip


In this healthy tip I am going to share with you of my story of how I beat depression and anxiety. For those of you who have been following me, know that I struggled with depression on and off for over 20 years. It started as a teenager, though at the time we really didn’t understand that I was struggling. My parents viewed it as me trying to get attention and that I was over-reacting.

It became full-blown depression six months after my second daughter was born. It started as post-partum depression but then developed into clinical depression. I couldn’t believe that I had everything going for me and yet I lived in this deep dark depressed state on and off for 20 years.

I was married, had two beautiful daughters, a lovely home, a stable job, friends, etc. I also went to church, read my Bible, and prayed daily. I couldn’t understand why I struggled with depression. I saw a psychiatrist and started taking medication, but it took almost a year to find the right dosage and type. I also worked with a counselor. I would be on the medication, feel better, and then go off the medication. Of course, this was done under the supervision of a psychiatrist.

I found reaching out on forums like HealthUnlocked really helped me know I am not alone. There are others who struggle like I did.

After years of this battle with depression, I learned that first, my depression was situational. For those of you who have visited our site know we lived overseas in Saudi Arabia for over 16 years. Many times we would arrive back from our trips I would struggle with depression upon arriving back to our home. I didn’t give my body a chance to adapt. I had too high expectations of myself at the time.

Second, the medication would help regulate the chemical imbalance that would happen, due to my thoughts and emotions. However, I needed counseling along with the medication to truly get to the root of my problem.

Third, I had to be aware of my triggers and avoid letting myself spiral. If I started to have that uncomfortable feeling that I knew could lead to depression or anxiety, I had to acknowledge my feelings, give myself a break, and not push myself too soon.

Fourth, through prayer with my friends and trusting God, I received comfort, peace, and strength. I would also journal my thoughts which really helped me let go of what I was feeling and give it to God.

Finally, through becoming a health and life coach, I have been on self-awareness journey that has really helped me learn to beat depression. Self-awareness is huge for true transformation and making changes in our life.

So often we truly don’t know ourselves, what we need, and how to listen to our bodies. We repeat the same patterns of behavior that really don’t help us. You always hear if you just think positively you will feel better. But the saying “easier said than done” comes to mind.

So what I had to do was become curious about why I think a certain way or do things a certain way. Instead of being judgmental, I learned to look deeply within to understand myself.

I was so busy in the past doing things for others, focusing on others, I never took time to get to know me. Getting better and making changes begins with looking into ourselves and caring for ourselves. Then, we actually become better not just for ourselves but for those around us.

What truly made my transformation of beating depression was believing and knowing that I don’t have to stay in a depressed state and that I am a strong, happy person. Believing in yourself truly does make a difference in your life. Changing our mindset leads to the healthy person you want to be. As a health and life coach I have learned you cannot do it on your own.

With asking the right questions to make you think why you choose the behavior you do, having accountability and support, you are able make the changes you have always wanted to make in your life and haven’t been able to do before. Through this self-awareness journey to transformation, I have learned to love life, enjoy the present moment, and move forward. I no longer feel that stuck feeling and instead I feel empowered, self-assured, and secure. The good news you can feel better too. It begins with taking that step to getting the right support and help.

Contact me today for your Complimentary Breakthrough Session. This session is normally $75 but by reading this blog, visiting our site and contacting me it free for you today! You will be amazed of the discoveries we make in just one session. You will already begin to feel healthier and transformed. What are you waiting for? Make those changes today! You are worth it!

To ‘Make a Better You’ remember say goodbye to depression and anxiety and hello to being happy and secure.


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