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How to Make a Better You – Healthy Ways to do Deal with Frustration and Helplessness

by Nina Sabin - Healthy Tip

What do you when you feel like you are back in a corner and there feels like there is no way out?

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There are many things that cause us to feel frustrated; like there is no solution. Human nature has two main unhealthy ways to deal with these feelings: fight or flight. Some of us are designed with tendencies to fight and others are designed with tendencies to flight. If you thrive on control, being right, and don’t mind confrontation than you will fight when you are frustrated and feel boxed in. However, if you don’t like confrontation and believe you are right you will flee when you are frustrated or feel boxed in. As I have mentioned neither of these ways are a healthy solution.

Before discussing healthy options let’s look at what causes us to be frustrated and feel helpless?

Many times it begins with our thoughts. Sometimes we perceive a situation differently than it really is. This could be due to our perspective or miss interpretation of the situation. This can happen in relationship, work, home…pretty much anywhere. So what do we do?

If you have “fighter” or “flighter” tendencies, number one strategy is to remember is don’t react. Take time to think and pray about what is going on in the situation. Prayer is our way to let go and trust God with the situation. For those who are unsure or don’t believe in prayer a suggestion is to write down something that you are struggling in your life. Pray over it, give it time and then see what the result was? Where you in control or could it only have been from God, who created us and loves us so much. He doesn’t want to see us suffer, but we have to ask Him for his divine help.

Communication is the next key to a healthier outlet. Never try to discuss or communicate in the heat of the moment (situation). First remember think and pray before interacting. So how to communicate. Psychology today has a great article on six strategies to communication. In the article is talks about creating an empathy sheet. The empathy sheet includes tactics on how to prepare before communicating.

Lastly, if your situation feels helpless and communication doesn’t work. Maybe from experiencing depression…please make sure you seek professional help. Focus on the Family has online counseling group to listen to you and guide you to the help you need to work through your struggles of depression and helplessness.

So remember the next time you are frustrated take healthy steps to dealing with the situation.


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