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How to Make a Better You – Fear is Excitement on Pause

by Nina Sabin - Healthy Tip


Are you afraid of the unknown? I know I am. Fear can take joy out of our life. When we allow ourselves to be afraid, we miss opportunities and enjoyment in life. Instead of looking at something new with fearful eyes; look at it instead with excitement.

We all know we would benefit from change in our lives. Opportunities come up that we pass by due to the fear of change. You know it is time to change your job that cause you endless frustration and you don’t find challenging. However, the fear of what if I can’t find another job, or how long will I be without a job, keeps us from going after the job I really should have.

You may also struggle with wanting to change your dietary habits, but in the past haven’t had good success on diets. You fear if you try again, you will just fail again. However, if you don’t try again, then you aren’t letting yourself learn how your body works and what foods work best with your body. As well as becoming the healthiest and best you.

Another area of change is in relationships. So many times we are afraid to deal with the issues at hand and fear the outcome if we try to make a change. This could be with a spouse, parent, friend, co-worker or significant-other. However, why stay in a relationship that always causes emotional pain. Wouldn’t you rather know ways to communicate that is effective and beneficial for both parties in the relationship?

Believing in yourself, is a good way to move past fear. Knowing you can be empowered and you can get what you want in life is motivational. Don’t you want to put that pause on fear and be excited? I know I do.

In my previous healthy tips, we have been talking about the benefits of working with a health coach. These changes we mentioned above can’t be done on your own. When you have someone who works with you and guides you to thinking in a positive way about making changing you are no longer fearful but instead excited. Knowing it is a true possibility that you don’t have to remain struggling in specific areas of your life.

To begin pausing the fear and being excited, start with our Living Free Health and Life coaching Complimentary Living Free Breakthrough Session. In this session we focus on:

  • Uncovering what's been stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you from living free in the areas you are struggling in life

  • Developing a powerful vision of what living free looks like for you

  • Discovering which foods and lifestyle habits are keeping you from living free and what to do about it

  • Setting a clear step-by-step plan to living free in 90 days or less

Don’t allow fear to keep you from living free. You can be excited about the next steps in life. Remember to sign up now for that breakthrough complimentary session.

Another thing that I think about with fear is, do we have fear or faith? Trusting God shows that we rely on faith and not fear. That is a big step, to making changes and ‘Make a Better You.’ In Derek Prince’s book, A Biography, he states ‘each step in our life is the next course in the University of God curriculum’. So get ready, step out in faith, put pause on fear and be excited to become the best you can be.


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