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How to Make a Better You – Clear the Clutter in Your Life

by Nina Sabin - Healthy Tip

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Did you know you have clutter in your life that is holding you back from the content, peaceful, and fulfilled life you always wanted? Clutter comes not only physically but also in our minds.

Think about that junk drawer or closet that is bursting at the seams. That doesn’t happen overnight. You just keep adding things over time and before you know it there is no more room for the things you really want.

The same thing happens to our mind. We have past hurts, things that people have said to us that we can’t let go of, negative words to ourselves, worries we hold on to and so on. Our mind is so filled with the unhealthy thoughts, reminders, hurts, worries, etc. there is no room for the healthy positive thoughts to come in.

One of the first sessions I do with you as your personal health and life coach is to guide you to unclutter your life. We start small with a drawer, your desk, or a closet. You will be amazed how awesome it feels when you start throwing away things you don’t need or want out of your life.

The only way to make room for the new things is to get rid of the old. Just like if you want new furniture. You can’t put it on top of the old furniture. You first have to remove the old furniture, so the new furniture can fill its place. The same has to happen in your life. We have so much cluttering our mind there is no room for the new healthy ways to think and believe until we get rid of the old.

During each of my sessions as a health & life coach, I take you through a similar six step sequence. We start with what is going well in your life. At the doctors, one of the first questions is ‘what’s wrong’. I don’t want to know what is wrong, I want to hear what is going well. We call those celebrations. It doesn’t matter how small the celebration is, it is still a win and we want to recognize and honor that. You’ll be in awe on how good it feels to see things in your life as celebrations and not failures. This is an example of clearing out the clutter of the failures and replacing them with celebrations of things going well.

The next step in our session is helping you recognize what obstacles or challenges are holding you back from reaching the goals we set each week. First of all, we focus on these questions with curiosity and no judgement. Why did you not exercise? Why did you not eat healthy? Why did you not think positively? What got in your way? What stops you or slows you down from achieving the results you want? What challenges makes it difficult for you to follow through? So often it is what I like to call your ‘critter brain’, gets scared, frightening, and fearful of change which causes us to fall back into our old ways and habits. To clear this clutter of our old ways, beliefs, and habits we have to be willing to allow the new ways, that will bring us a healthier life, in by letting go and removing the old ways.

After we become aware of what has stopped you and discussed how to make changes for the upcoming week; we move on to learning something new. Every week you will gain new tools and information on how to reach your goals we have set and how to have inevitable success. This new information and tools is individualized and based on your goals. These could include: losing weight, exercising more, eating healthier, having a better more positive mindset, getting closer to God, etc.

The next step in the session provides how you add the new into your life. We do experiential exercises each week for you to practice how to make those changes. We look at how to clear the clutter and what to replace it with once you clear out the old. Because change only happens when you not only remove the old ways, but you need to practice the new ways so it becomes an automatic part of our life.

After the experiential exercise, we choose a few actions steps for you to focus on and practice for the week. These action steps we develop together through the information we discussed during our session and your goals. Often some of the action steps are repeated from prior weeks. The more you practice your new ways of life, the more you make life style changes that have lasting results.

The final step during our session is recognizing any ‘ahas’ - insights, or appreciations. This is so important in anything we do in life. In any given moment you usually have an aha that comes up, but instead of recognizing it, we just continue on with our life and miss valuing that insight. Then instead of it becoming a part of your life, you just continue in the same old ways and miss the opportunity to move forward and let the new aha into your life.

One of the best sermons I have heard is by Joel Osteen Unclutter the Mind. Watching this video is your first action step to Clearing the Clutter. God has always intended for our life to be simple, peaceful, healthy, and content. We have cluttered it up with so many things. Isn’t it time for you to unclutter your life?

Contact me today for a Complimentary Breakthrough Session. You will be amazed how much you will discover in just one session on what is cluttering your life.

Don’t miss this opportunity to change your life and clear the clutter! Now is your time!

As a bonus we are offering 50% off for the month of September on any of the Health & Life Programs. Make sure you take advantage of this offer. All it takes is 60 – 90 minutes of your time, you don’t even have to leave your home, our time together is done online via video chat or even just a phone call. Whatever you prefer.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your ‘critter brain’ hold you back from making that lifestyle change. Take the step forward and contact me.


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