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Financial Freedom Insights Is Launched - A Service For Those Desiring Financial Freedom

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

By William Sabin - Retirement Strategies

To subscribe, click here: Financial Freedom Insights, a new Marketplace service from William Sabin.


This month, I formally launched my Seeking Alpha Marketplace Service called Financial Freedom Insights.

Invest alongside a seasoned investor using fundamental and technical tools.

Receive valuable investment analysis to make better informed decisions.

Ready yourself for a more robust retirement with strategies and tips.

Register by the end of the month and get the lowest possible price (price will increase starting December 1).

Why You Should Join Financial Freedom Insights

With so many financial newsletters and talking heads on TV, why should you take your time to follow me? Great question. While I'm not a soothsayer, I do bring a wealth of information and analytics to help navigate today's markets. Yes, I have made mistakes in my tenor. These I have learned from and they have made me a stronger investor.

More than anything, I have a desire to help people become better investors, have a longer term outlook where they are not emotionally driven to make the wrong decisions at the wrong time. Ultimately, money is a tool - a tool to help others, to provide a better lifestyle for yourself, and provide you with freedom for yourself and others.

Invest and trade alongside a seasoned investor and learn vital information related to saving and investing as well as asset allocation strategies to help you gain additional returns in your portfolio. Simply: Save more now, invest smarter, and plan to have more freedom and impact in retirement.

Most importantly, my goals for this service are to:

  • Help you gain valuable investment and tradeable advice related to investing strategies including stocks and bonds. In some cases, I also will discuss stock option entry and exit points as a way to enhance return and/or mitigate risk.

  • Provide you with knowledge to help you invest, trade, and learn financial and personal strategies that will make for a more successful and freedom-filled retirement.

  • Speak in everyday terms so that even the novice investor can understand and gain tradeable ideas and worthy takeaways.

Click here to take advantage of our low introductory price and start your two-week free trial now. This offer expires November 30.

Why did I start this newsletter?

My grandfather taught me about investing and trading stock options at 11-years-old. My mother also encouraged me to trade and watch the stock market as I was growing up. As a result, I was a Series 7 broker at the age of 17 working for a stock broker mainly investing in mutual funds. As time went on, I completed my Masters in Accounting degree. Torn between continuing to be a stock broker or entering the workforce as a CPA, I decided to go into public accounting in 1991.

However, I never forgot my trading roots. During much of my career in public accounting as well as finance, manufacturing and oil and gas industries, I counseled people on budgeting, savings, and investing. Now, with over 35 years of investing experience, I have turned my attention to being a full-time investor, trader and writer and I'm focused on financial freedom to open true freedom in life. Of course, it helps that I enjoy writing – I have written for several publications including Seeking Alpha, financial magazines as well as for the U.S. Congress on international tax reform.

The Value You Will Receive

Financial Freedom Insights is a leading, comprehensive investment service for investors like you who want to have access to well-researched and actionable insights on stocks, bonds, and options.

The objective is to help you to be more likely to achieve financial freedom with these services:

  • Discerning Research and Insightful Analysis: Gain industry knowledge and stock specific backgrounds as the cornerstone of investment recommendations. Discussion of detailed technical and fundamental analysis on companies is provided.

  • Informative Newsletter: Receive a twice-monthly newsletter summarizing the overall markets and our investment results.

  • Performance Tracking: Exclusive access to our trade results via the Portfolio Tracker which details our performance for each investment discussed.

  • Early Access: Obtain early access to stock and option ideas before the larger Seeking Alpha audience.

  • Actionable Trades: Delivery of timely notification of proposed stock entry and exit points. Receive emails detailing new, time-sensitive trade opportunities.

  • Understandable Stock Options: As opportunities arise, a discussion of specific stock option trading strategies, as well as entry and exit points will be provided.

  • On-line Forum: Participate in a chatroom with investors to answer questions and discuss points of view.

  • Retirement Strategies: Unfortunately, most people will not have enough to retire - let's not be most people. If you are like me, I don't plan on retiring in the traditional sense. Rather, I plan to keep an active lifestyle with one that allows me to be free from the financial stresses of life and to focus on the things that really matter - family and community. Discussions in this section are wide and far reaching for all ages including, but not limited to, investing allocations, budgeting, medical expenses, Social Security planning, lifestyle spending choices (e.g housing, travel, etc) as well as how to estimate how much you might need in retirement, etc.

Introductory Offer, Limited Time

Note: We are offering Financial Freedom Insights for the introductory price of just $50/month or $400/year. This offer expires November 30. The price will never be this low again.

For a very rare occasion as an investor, you have no risk investing your money. You can try Financial Freedom Insights for two weeks for free. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to read our monthly newsletter and benefit from our newest trade recommendations.

Click here to take advantage of our low introductory price and start your two-week free trial now. This offer expires November 30.

If you have any questions about my service, please ask me in the comments section of this article. I look forward to hearing from you in our chat room!

All My Best,

William Sabin

Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Additional disclosure: This article is intended to provide educational information to readers and in no way constitutes investment advice. Investing in public securities is speculative and involves risk, including possible loss of principal. The reader of this article must determine whether or not any investments mentioned in this article are suitable for their portfolio, risk tolerance, and accepts responsibility for their decisions. Neither information nor any opinion expressed in this article constitutes a solicitation, an offer or a recommendation to buy, sell, or dispose of any investment or to provide any investment advice or service. An opinion in this article can change at any time without notice.


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