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Live Healthy.  Invest Wisely.  Feel Free. Savor Moments.

Focus on Freedoms provides transformational life coaching sessions that lead to lasting changes in your life. Join the countless number of people who have succeeded in finding freedom from the challenges of life.

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Ways to Freedom

Ways to Freedom

Healthy Life Coaching

Providing coaching to overcome issues in life that hold you from having an abundant life.  Learn how to live a healthy and fulfilled life. Are you or anyone you know struggling with mental, physical, or emotional challenges in their life?  Contact us today to experience total life transformation.

Financial & Investment Coaching

Become empowered; build wealth.  Join the countless number of people who have benefited from my freedom in finances program. Learn strategies to help you spend wisely, budget properly, and invest prudently. Now is the time for financial freedom.


Peruse our extensive YouTube channel highlighting videos on health, life, and financial freedoms.  With these freedoms come opportunities to travel for fun, culture, and volunteering.  Come journey with us!


Step in for exciting ‘Adventures with John and Nina’ from around the world; articles on financial and retirement strategies as well as stock investing;  and, health and life tips to help with feeling better.


Purchase our detailed and customized itineraries to enjoy freedom through traveling.  We have done the planning for you for over 100 countries and regions.  All you have to do is adapt it to your traveling needs.

About Us

About Us

Freedom is what we all strive to have. We provide coaching sessions on how to plan for that freedom in the areas of health, finances, and the challenges in life. More details of our services are described under the Healthy Life Services and Financial Services.

We also include blogs about our traveling freedoms that we enjoy as a result of the strategies and techniques that we have developed. Our objective is to help others reach those freedoms too. 

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