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Feb 19

How do you know what diet is right for you?


It is not a diet that is right for you but it is eating healthy. This takes experimenting, guidance and tools to know what foods are right for your body. Ready my healthy tip - Diet or Not to Diet; That is the Question? You will learn about the combinations of food you need for your body. Please leave a post and share your thoughts.

Feb 19

Boy this sure hits home. All I can think about is the diets I have tried, drove me crazy, starved me, and then I still end up at the same weight I started or more. I like how you broke it down that there are only three nutrients that we need and how to figure out the right combination for me. What tools are there to help you figure this out?

Joy that is an wonderful question. As a health coach I have many resources to help you work one step at a time to learn what will be best for your body. My next Healthy Tip will include some of that information, but in the meantime here are some things to try. Drink more water. Do you drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces? If not then start increases, this helps with your blood sugar levels which causes those cravings that in turn put on the weight. Next look at how many proteins, carbohydrates and fats you eat a each meal. It is good to know what we are currently eating and then how we can make the change. Keep me posted and I would love to work with you as a health coach.

Feb 19

I definitely need to increase my water intake. This week when I have cravings, I will drink water instead and see how I feel. I will also try to keep track of how much water I am drinking. Any recommendation on how to do that? I would also love to work with you as my health coach. I will contact you for that consultation. I do enjoy your healthy tips. Keep them coming.

Thank you Joy for the wonderful feedback. My recommendation with increasing water intake is to find a pitcher or cup you can keep measures. I have a 20 oz mug I use and refill. I am 120 lbs, therefore I should be drinking at least 60 oz. So I refill my mug 3 - 4 times a day. My daughter also introduced me to this great app called plant nanny. I have it downloaded on my phone, it reminds me to water my virtual plant as I finish my 20 ozs. Thanks again for sharing.

Feb 19

This is a great app. Thanks!

My background: I have been a mentor for 20 years to people struggling with work issues, marital concerns, parenting concerns, depression, and general life concerns. I am a great listener and am here for you. You can either post on this site or contact me privately at focusonfreedoms@gmail.com.