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Focus on Freedoms Contact Information
Email: focusonfreedoms@gmail.com
Nina Sabin -Health and Life Coach - 609-208-8799
William Sabin - Financial and Investment Coach - 609-208-8943

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Feb 13

How to make changes in our life


We all want to make changes in life. We have unhealthy habits that we repeat over and over and don't have the tools to change them. Read Healthy Tip -

Changing Your Habits; it explains how working with a Health/Life Coach can have lasting results. Do you want to make changes? What areas in life do you think you have unhealthy habits? What would you like to change? Would you like to see a Health Coach? Please leave a post below what you would liked to change. Also you can contact me if you would like more information and/or a free consultation.

Feb 13

A Health/Life Coach sounds like a great person to contact about getting support and guidance. The areas I want to change in my life is my eating habits. I have lots of cravings, especially at night and I don't know how not to want cookies, carmel popcorn, and type of sweets. I also would like to feel more confident with myself. Would you be able to help me with these changes?

Thank you Joy for your post. Yes, as a Health/Life Coach I will be able to help you learn why you crave sweets, I will teach you about your body and how to know what foods you need. There are 3 main macro-nutrients our bodies need and cravings are due to your body lacking in one of those macro-nutrients. I can also help you with feeling more confident. Very often there is a reason why we struggling with not feeling confident. Through a series of questions and tools you will learn to become more confident. Just remember you are worth investing in to become the best you - you can be.

Feb 13

Wow, that sounds awesome. I really would like to learn why I crave sweets and learn to be more confident. I will plan a consultation with you in the near future and learn more about your 90-Day Program. Thank you.

Joy, that sounds great. Looking forward to chatting with you and helping you.

My background: I have been a mentor for 20 years to people struggling with work issues, marital concerns, parenting concerns, depression, and general life concerns. I am a great listener and am here for you. You can either post on this site or contact me privately at focusonfreedoms@gmail.com.