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Mar 8

20-Minute Meal Challenge


Do you eat in a rush? Does your stomach feel too full, upset, or bloated? Stress and eating too fast causes lack of digestion which can also lead to weight gain. Can you take the 20 - Minute Meal Challenge? Let me know if you are willing to try and work towards a healthier digestion. Read Healthy Tip - Make a Better You - 20 -Minute Meal Challenge to find out the details on how to be successful with the challenge and see lasting digestive improvement.

Mar 8

I really struggle with woofing my meal down, especially at lunch. I don't know if I can fit in 20-Minutes for a meal, but I would like my digestion to feel better and not feel like my stomach is always bloated. I like the 20-Minute Meal Journal and it will help me track how fast I eat and how I am feeling when I eat that meal.

Joy, I am so glad you are taking the challenge. Remember just increasing a few minutes in your meal time is a win. Within the seven days, every day do your best to increase your meal time. I know your digestion and gut will appreciate it.

Joy, I am so glad you are enjoying the 20-minute meal and appreciating meal time as nourishing your whole body. Thank you.

My background: I have been a mentor for 20 years to people struggling with work issues, marital concerns, parenting concerns, depression, and general life concerns. I am a great listener and am here for you. You can either post on this site or contact me privately at focusonfreedoms@gmail.com.