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William Sabin is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Focus on Freedoms,LLC. As well as an expert Financial & Investment Coach. William is a CPA and CMA with experience in public accounting as well as finance, manufacturing and oil & gas industries. He has a penchant for investing – his grandfather taught him about investing and trading stock options at 11 years old. With over 35 years of investing experience, he is an avid trader, value seeker, and is focused on financial freedom to open true freedom in life. 

As an ardent writer, he routinely writes for Seeking Alpha and on a variety of finance related topics including retirement strategies including stocks that appear to be undervalued using fundamental analysis and charting to time entry and exit points.   Follow William on Twitter: @FocusOnFreedoms 

Nina Sabin is Chief Design Artist of Focus on Freedoms, LLC. As an expert certified Life Coach, Nina offers an amazing healthy tips and one-on-one sessions to help people become the best versions of themselves in the ares of Life: Nutrition, Exercise, Relationships,  Purpose,  and Mental Health.  Learning behavior habit changes you will see results through these tips and sessions.

Nina's previous career as a certified teacher of music, physical education, and gymnastics helped her gain insight and knowledge on the ways to become free from the stresses of life. Nina is able to perform anything she sets her mind to and does it with such diligence and organization. With all her education, exercise, and traveling experiences, she will provide exciting and adventurous ways to reach your goals to freedom.  Follow Nina on Facebook –

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